Check out some art from my recent board book project with Penguin Random House, I LOVE MY HAIR (SESAME STREET)

One of Sesame Street’s newest neighbors, Gabrielle lets everyone know how much she loves her beautiful black hair in this joyful board book illustrated by Anthony Conley. Young Black girls and boys will not only identify with Gabrielle but learn to love their natural beauty!

All-Terrain Trouble! (DC Batman)

by David Croatto, Illustrated by Anthony Conley

My latest book illustration work for Random House coming Jan 03, 2023 lets young Batman fans leap into the Caped Crusader’s adventures with this full-color storybook inspired by the All-terrain Batmobile RC vehicle toy.

Batman has to upgrade the Batmobile with big tires for some big action when a group of motocross bike riding jewel thieves hit Gotham City. Unfortunately, these bad guys are teamed up with a Super-Villain that may prove to be too much even for an All-terrain Batmobile to handle.

I Love My Hair (Sesame Street)

I was contracted by Penguin Random House to illustrate a new board book, I Love My Hair (Sesame Street) which is coming December 6, 2022!

Sesame Street’s Gabrielle lets everyone know how much she loves her beautiful black hair in this joyful board book. It’s based on the song of the same name and the popular Sesame Street video, viewed more than 19 million times on YouTube.

VTUBER art for I Am Neko Lily on Twitch

In the beginning of 2020, I worked on a project for the Vtuber, IamNekoLily’s channel on Twitch. She provided me with a character concept which I then helped to develop. Check out the final character and visit her Instagram page and follow her on Twitch!

Chibi version of Neko Lily

Little Golden Books

I’ve got two SUPER projects for Little Golden Book that are completed and set to be released in September 2022. Since I’m impatient as hell, I’m going to share the covers for each now and then more of the interior illustrations after the book’s release dates!

Heroes Help! (DC Shazam!): Featuring Black Adam! (Little Golden Book)
Written by Frank Berrios Illustrated by Anthony Conley

Shazam! and Black Adam team up in this Little Golden Book starring the beloved DC characters!

Even the smallest DC Super Hero fans can learn all about teaming up to lend a hand in this Little Golden Book starring Shazam! and Black Adam. The hero and villain are brought together to solve a problem, and in the process, discover what they have in common. This Little Golden Book is perfect for children ages 2 to 5, as well as fans and collectors of all ages!

Shuri Is Brave! (Marvel: Black Panther) –
(Little Golden Book)
Written by Frank Berrios Illustrated by Anthony Conley

Two heroes are better than one when Marvel’s Black Panther and his sister, Shuri, team up in this action-packed Little Golden Book!

The threats to the African nation of Wakanda are many, so Marvel’s Black Panther teams up with his little sister, Shuri, to defeat their foe! Boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this Little Golden Book, which features Black Panther, Shuri, and lots of other great Marvel characters. The friendly eye-catching retro art style is the perfect way to introduce little heroes to the Marvel Universe, and is equally loved by adult collectors and comic book fans as well!

There May Be Giants

Doing some character development on an ongoing project of mine… I like revisiting something I’ve started years ago and updating the designs even slightly. It recharges my feelings for an idea and pushes me to keep developing on it.

Cooking with the Lorax

Happy New Year everyone! I just received copies of my latest project with Penguin Random House and writer, Sonali Fry. COOKING WITH THE LORAX, which is available on Amazon, Target and other retailers. I’ve had a busy year and I’m grateful for each new opportunity that’s come my way. Looking forward to sharing my new projects that I have lined up for 2022!!! 🥳 🍾

Poni Nimeltä Spike / A Pony Called Spike

New Book Alert 🚨

A Pony Called Spike! (Poni Nimelta Spike)
In the new, Finnish language, easy-to-read children’s novel written by Satu Heimonen and illustrated by Anthony Conley, Princess Twilight Sparkle’s beloved dragon helper Spike turns into a pony for one day. Published by @tammikirjat

Zacora and Spike

Disney + Lovepop Play

My latest pop up card project with Lovepop Play + Disney is now available on Lovepop.com Go buy some for all your little adventurers/princesses!

Here’s some character art I did for the Disney Princess card. It was a lot of fun turning these iconic Princesses into playful, stylized characters. Check em out!

Lovepop Play + Disney Moana, is the next card in this latest Lovepop Play release that I had the honor of designing. It’s bright, colorful & fun and captures the adventurous spirits of Moana, Maui & Heihei! Shop this card here Lovepop

MLP A Pony Called Spike

New book alert. I’m currently illustrating a new book for Hasbro’s My Little Pony. The book will be printed in Finnish and may print copies in English soon after. Here’s a brief description of the story…

A Pony Called Spike

In the richly illustrated, easy-to-read children’s novel, Princess Twilight Sparkle’s beloved dragon helper Spike turns into a pony for one day.

The little dragon Spike is a loyal friend and helper of Princess Twilight Sparkle. He knows the habits of the ponies well, and one day he becomes annoyed that dragons don’t have cutie marks too. Spike wants to find his own special skill, so he turns to magic! There is a rather surprising cutie adventure in store!


I’ve been posting art on some Neopets fan pages lately and it’s got me feeling nostalgic for the early 2000s when I was a character designer at Neopets. I feel like there is a new wave of Neopets happening soon and I’m glad to ride it. I’ve been doing some independent work with the Neopets team and I feel at home!

New Book Is Here!

It’s finally here! Payson Hendrix’s children’s book that I illustrated, Rabbit, Worm and the Giant Carrot is fresh off the press! This book is perfect for teaching kids to ask for help, support their friends and to never give up! Go to https://www.ooplemade.com/ to pick up your copy!

Below are some character concept drawings I did early on when developing the style for Rabbit, Worm and the Giant Carrot.