Afro Unicorn

Afro Unicorn and Random House Children’s Books are excited to present to you the first 3 in a series of five Afro Unicorn Books that I had the honor of illustrating.

“We Are Afro Unicorns,” on September 5, 2023

Unicorn best friends Magical, Unique, and Divine embrace just how special they are–and just how special you are–in this picture book adventure. Celebrate your inner unicorn with the first Little Golden Book in the Afro Unicorn line!

“A Magical Day” on September 5, 2023

It’s Magical’s birthday! She and her unicorn friends can’t wait to celebrate at her magnificent party. But when Magical’s enchanted crown suddenly goes missing, it’s up to everyone in the enchanted kingdom of Afronia to come together and find it before her big party is ruined.Join these three extraordinary unicorns in a story full of friendship, love, and fun.

“The Most Magical Time of the Year!” on October 10, 2023.

December is finally here, and all the unicorns in the kingdom of Afronia are excited to meet Santa. But when Santa gets lost on the way, the unicorns fear that Christmas will be ruined. It’s up to Magical, Unique, and Divine to use their superpowers of love and kindness to save Christmas.
Let the Christmas countdown begin in this tale of love and hope for the holidays!

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