Art Direction: Shimmer and Shine

9Below are a few of my responsibilities as an Art Director when working with book cover art. I get the ball rolling by creating a concept sketch for approval. Then, another artist takes that sketch, creates a tight drawing and submits it for feedback. I’ll give overlay notes and suggestions and then final art is created. Most times I’ll get to add some final touches like lighting enhancements or small placement shifts of characters or props.


Flick and Chester

Flick and Chester was an exciting, character rich game concept that I designed with my friend, Warren Lee to be pitched to Nickelodeon games. It was modeled after the classic game, Snake. The squirrel character, Flick and his chipmunk buddy, Chester run through levels collecting acorns that trail behind them, while avoiding obstacles and baddies. Like classic snake, you don’t want to collide with the trail that follows you so while moving around the board you try to collect power-ups which shorten your trail.